Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is essential for folks receiving treatment to trust in the therapeutic healing process. I deal with children, adolescents, and adults.  Some adults who are married, many who are single, or just a couple.  Trusting the healing process is essential. It can be arduous to say the least, but in order to heal from our emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds we have to break down the walls of denial and trust the process of identifying and expressing feelings that may have been repressed for years. Denial is our bodies way of naturally coping with trauma, sadness, anxiety, or depression to name a few. Medication is not always the answer and it does not heal a person from the mental pain they may experience. Psychotropic medications do assist in taking the edge off enough in order to help people devise coping strategies so they can manage their problem more effectively.  This however, is not  always the answer. There are many people that may need psychotropic meds their entire lives.  Many times people continue on the medication  path which is never ending. Medication will not cure your problem. Just like our bodies know how to heal itself on a physical level when we get a scrape the same goes on a mental level.  Our bodies know how to heal itself naturally.  We are the only ones keeping it from doing what it knows naturally. Just keep that possibly in your mind.

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