Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Key To Happiness

Your soul spirit is the key to finding inner happiness and peace of mind. Listen to what your soul is saying.  In our busy lives it is hard to  find the time to do this, but if you take 10 or 15 min out of your day to pray or meditate you may notice you feel better and more at peace with yourself. Try it! Your spirit knows everything about you. It stores information that you may not remember. Prayer and meditation are good ways to open the connection to your GOD self, spirit world, or higher consciousness. Sometimes what we are being asked to do may not be good for us and cause mental and emotional upset. Pay attention to what your soul is telling you. Listen to your inner voice. Most importantly try not to follow the crowd thinking that conforming to what others think we should do will bring inner happiness. It is your personal connection to your spirituality to your god self that will help you find true happiness and peace of mind.  Remember that we are all connected on a spiritual level.  We are are Holy beings!
Dr. Melissa Samartano, PhD, lMHC, RYT

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