Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Does God talk?

God definitely speaks to us. The problem is listening. Can we humble ourselves enough by putting the ego aside and listen? Can we be brave enough to understand the subconscious mind?  Bringing all that information to consciousness and thinking in a  broader more abstract way.  Invite it into your world and ask for divine healing and understanding. We learn so much from the experiences we go through. Remembering that the world we CAN'T see matters the most. Beyond what you may think. There is a deeper meaning and higher purpose. There is a reason why we go through so many challenging experiences. It is so HARD and it does SUCK at times. But remember the hard work you do here in this life does not go unnoticed. You do earn spiritual merits which takes you to a higher level of intelligence, understanding, and  consciousness.  It's like a hierarchy but in the spiritual realm. You have to trust in a higher source of intelligence for that. It is your choice to work at this or not and it is never to late to start.