Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NFL Players, Politicians, and Movie Stars: Why so much DRAMA?

NFL players, movie stars, and politicians to name a few. All seem to have similar problems. These people are the ones all over the news, in the news paper, and often in jail. According to the DSM-5 psychiatric manual they would be characterized as having a personality disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder to name one of the personality disorders in the DSM is when people are in love with the IMAGE of themselves. Not in love with themselves but the image of themselves. 

When that breaks down and is shattered they often experience:
Rage or humiliation in response to criticism, sense of entitlement, demand admiration, lacks empathy, grandiosity, exploits others for their own needs. It is the sense of emptiness they can't handle or live with. They create a LOT of drama often hurting others and destroying their own lives.

 "A personality disorder is a human being who persists in a behavior in the face of clear evidence it is inappropriate, and ongoing bad consequences."  W. John Livesley, M.D.

Not sure this helps explain some of the reason for why they are like this? Seems like a lot of talk going on right now.. My husband just told me the other day Brandon Marshal NFL player came out with having Borderline personality disorder and receiving mental health treatment has helped him.